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Please click below to view all your savings and investments accounts, holdings, activity, performance, financial planning tools and more.

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Charles Schwab Institutional

Please click below to view your Charles Schwab Custodial accounts, along with account statements, Stock, Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Fund research. Charles Schwab is not affliated in any way with PlanRock. PlanRock utilizes the account custodial services of Charles Schwab Institutional. PlanRock does not custody any client assets.

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Investment Policy Statement – Questionnaire

Please fill out the following Investment Policy Questionnaire per investment account as a new client. Please, also fill out this Investment Policy Questionnaire each time your goals and objective change per investment account. Directions: Please answer each question based on your circumstances, click submit

  • Please describe the goal as much as possible.
    Note: The U.S. stock market can and has declined over -50%. I understand that market fluctuation may happen at any time and diversified markets have always recovered, but the time frame of my investment account is crucial to my planning success.
  • Please sign this Investment Policy Statement - Questionnaire Past performance does not guarantee future results.
  • By placing your name in the Full Name box and/or electronically drawing your signature and pressing submit, you confirm that the answers to the above questions are based your goals and objectives. You also wish to have your investments for this account to be managed accordingly. You also understand that this form is not a guarantee of any results and past performance does not guarantee future results.