FDA Recalls Toxic Hand Sanitizers – Consumer Awareness

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) updated the list of toxic hand sanitizers as further FDA investigations and research have continued. As of late July, the FDA has established a seventy-five product list, a significant increase from the previous nine product list from late June. Given the demands set forth by the Coronavirus pandemic, the FDA claims investigations will persist as quality issues or concerns rise. 

The listed products that comprise the FDA list of toxic hand sanitizers result from the toxic substance methanol that many of these products test positive for. Recent findings regarding methanol contamination have revealed the substance’s extreme adverse effects if absorbed, deeming it unsafe for human consumption. The FDA warns against the use of these listed methanol containing products in addition to misleading claims and marketing tactics companies have branded on hand sanitizers. Claims regarding prolonged protection and specificity pose concern for the FDA, as many of these claims are unfounded. 

The FDA advises consumers to refrain from purchasing or using products that fall under the recall list. An updated FDA list of these 75 products can be found under the “FDA List of Recalled Sanitizers” on the FDA press release. 

Source: Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

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