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Wage Inflation Is Here

With over 10 million open positions nationwide, companies are being forced to raise wages and pay incentives in order to attract qualified workers. Salaries and...

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More Workers Are Quitting Than Ever

A shortage of qualified workers across the country is encouraging companies to raise wages in order to attract direly needed employees. The competition for employees...

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Short Term Rates On The Rise

Rates continued on a gradual assent in October, with the 10-year Treasury bond yield ending the month at 1.55%, up from 0.88% this same time...

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Macro Economic Overview

Severe labor shortages and supply chain disruptions continue to hamper industries throughout the country, elevating inflationary pressures for millions of Americans. Higher prices for gasoline...

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Market Indexes Nov. 2021

November 2021 (all values as of 10.29.2021) Stock Indexes: Dow Jones 35,819 S&P 500 4,605 Nasdaq 15,498 Bond Sector Yields: 2 Yr Treasury 0.48% 10...

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