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Equities Have A Rough Start Of The Year

Optimistic earnings expectations helped to reinforce equities following heightened volatility throughout January. Many analysts believe that recent earnings improvements are merely a result of stimulus...

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Drop in Consumer Savings

Consumers are saving the lowest amount in four years as stimulus assistance funds and generous unemployment benefits have gradually evaporated,  encouraging consumers to tap their...

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Consumer Sentiment Starting To Dip

Optimism following excessive monetary and fiscal stimulus efforts drove consumer sentiment to highs during the pandemic. Numerous stimulus programs provided businesses and individuals abundant funds...

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Macro Economic Overview

Market dynamics are shifting as the Federal Reserve outlines its execution of ending monetary stimulus in order to squash inflationary pressures.  Analysts and economists are...

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Market Indexes February 2022

February 2022 (all values as of 01.31.2022) Stock Indexes: Dow Jones 35,131 S&P 500 4,515 Nasdaq 14,239 Bond Sector Yields: 2 Yr Treasury 1.18% 10...

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