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Market Indexes (all values as of 05.31.2021)

Stock Indexes: Dow Jones                  34,529 S&P 500                     4,204 Nasdaq                       13,748 Bond Sector Yields: 2 Yr Treasury             0.14% 10 Yr Treasury          1.58% 10 Yr Municipal         0.97%...

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Home Equity Surpasses $21 Trillion

With home prices rising roughly 12% from February 2020 to February 2021, equity levels have risen producing heightened wealth among millions of homeowners. Elevated equity...

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IMF Lifts Estimates For Global Growth

Widespread vaccinations across the globe along with continued liquidity provided by central banks internationally and the Federal Reserve, have compelled the International Monetary Fund (IMF)...

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Macro Economic Overview

Inflationary pressures have taken hold throughout the economy, as raw materials required for most every consumer product from bread to automobiles have increased in cost...

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How Government Inflation Gauges Differ

The traditional gauge for inflation, known as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), is being challenged by yet another government produced measure known as Consumer Expectations....

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