Full-Service Independent Financial Advisor Platform

PlanRock offers an all-inclusive platform for independent financial advisors. This platform will enables you to focus on and grow your client relationships. Whether you utilize PlanRock for your smaller relationships or all your relationships, we can take care of you and your clients.

What We Offer

PlanRock provides all the tools you need to help your client reach their goals. As the Independent Financial Advisor, you can view, create, and edit your client’s comprehensive financial plan through your PlanRock online portal. If your client chooses the Silver or Gold service for their advice service level, they can create their own plan for your viewing or editing if necessary. You can see all your client’s financial plans to determine if each plan is on track. See our PlanRock Comprehensive Planning Tools page for more information.

PlanRock provides the administrative support to help you and your clients. Whether it is account setup and transfer, questions relating to the online client portal, or comprehensive planning tools; we take the burden off you and your clients. If you already have support staff and they can be financially supported, we would be happy to maintain and absorb their valuable services. See our Account Administrative and Support page for more information.

Compliance is a daunting, but necessary task. Most independent financial advisors spend thousands of dollars every year on professional compliance services. PlanRock takes care of this specialty for you. As part of the PlanRock’s RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), we provide you with all the proper ADV forms, client agreements, investment policy questionnaires, registrations, renewals, marketing materials, and other documents. By removing the burden of compliance from your job description you can focus on growing your business.

Client billing requires expensive technology and many hours of time, especially if you do not have the appropriate technology. PlanRock takes care of all of your client’s billing needs through a monthly billing schedule, according to the PlanRock Client Agreement.

You can help your client determine which investment model is more suitable for them, based on their Investment Policy Questionnaire responses. PlanRock provides over 30 Investment Models for every solution, whether it be high dividend, low volatility, broad market, value based, income, or other. This service can save you hours of research, overhead, and maintenance, giving more time to focus on your client’s needs and grow your business. See our Investment Portfolio Management page for more information.

PlanRock takes care of all performance reporting on your behalf. Performance reports are based on the level of service your client chooses. The Bronze and Silver level service provides a basic report, and the Gold and Platinum services include a comprehensive report. Gold and Platinum clients also receive a short, recorded video reviewing their account performance, asset allocation, the markets, and the economy from the Chief Investment Officer.

All PlanRock clients can choose the level of advice and guidance they wish to maintain. This is one way PlanRock differs from other competitors. Clients can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Concierge. The Bronze level provides no advice while the Platinum Concierge provides an unlimited full-service level of advice. You can help your existing and new clients determine which level is appropriate for them. Your compensation depends on the level of advice, guidance, and time spent helping each client. What you don’t have to spend time on is maintaining the business and all the tasks that come with it. See our Investment Portfolio Management with Advice page for more information.

PlanRock has a devoted team of online marketing experts to increase our presence on the internet. We expect to obtain many clients across the United States looking for solutions for their investment portfolio management and financial planning needs. If the client chooses to utilize the Silver, Gold, or Platinum service, PlanRock will appoint an advisor (utilizing the PlanRock Advisor Platform) to that client. This can be a source of referrals to help you grow your business. Also, based on the comprehensive services and tools that PlanRock provides our advisors, you can focus on growing your client business rather than the administrative tasks that can bog you down and limit your growth.

PlanRock’s objective is to create an E3 environment (Cost efficient, tax efficient, investment efficient) when it comes to investment management. We strive to keep our underlying investment cost low (Average 0.26%) so the overall cost would be competitive and beneficial for the client. PlanRock receives 0.35% for all services provided, which includes support, investment portfolio management, etc. This happens to be the fee for the Bronze level service, which includes no advice. The advisor receives the following if the client is maintained and a PlanRock client:

Service Advisor Compensation
Planning Tools Only $99 referral fee paid up front
Bronze Level 0.05% Annual referral fee
Silver 0.20% Annual fee paid monthly
Gold 0.40% Annual fee paid monthly
Platinum 0.70% Annual fee paid monthly
Platinum Concierge 1.0% Annual fee paid monthly

Example: Platinum Client… 1.05% annual fee.

PlanRock receives 0.35% for investment portfolio management, support services and technology.

Financial Advisor receives 0.70% for advice, guidance and maintaining relationship.