Hunger Becoming A Concern Globally As COVID Takes Hold

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic yields much uncertainty and concern as the world sees trending patterns towards a global hunger crisis. The projected increase is expected to surpass

outstanding numbers within the past century. Changes in the global supply chain and consumer spending habits are attributed to the economic decline and hunger disparity.

Food insecurity remains a growing concern as the hunger crisis deepens while food supply chains experience unprecedented surpluses. Experts deem the long-lasting effects of the hunger crises could surpass the mortality rate of those directly affected by the virus. Food distribution poses another great challenge as consumer habits have shifted with the closure of many businesses in the food industry, leading to a massive and abrupt struggle for reallocation of the food supply worldwide.

Food supply changes are projected to expand less nutritious foods as healthier options become less accessible. Effects of this pose threats on growing health concerns with the cultural shift in unhealthy eating habits. The United Nations projects ten percent of the world at best will experience food shortage.

The hunger crises stems beyond economic means and considers the social inequalities that contribute to food insecurity and accessibility (UN World Food Programme). Studies regarding gender, race and socioeconomic status reveal the historical disparity of food security globally, lending this to be a deepened concern and political impression. Food accessibility and supply allocation remain a big concern globally and are expected to decline dramatically with the pandemic’s economic shock on food supply chains.

These changes pose concerns beyond the economy and attribute deeper social issues, health concerns and political incentives that could hold enduring effects globally.

Print Version – Global Hunger – Pandemic Overview October 2020

Sources: United Nations World Food Programme

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