Investment Portfolio Management

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PlanRock has two primary objectives when it comes to investment portfolio management:

  1. Develop investment portfolios that help provide a solution to reach a specific goal and objective, not just a one size fits all.
  2. Create investment portfolios that help focus on cost efficiency, tax efficiency and investment efficiency.

Our Core Investment Models

We offer value and experience.

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  • We strive to meet individual needs of each client. We do not follow a boilerplate investment portfolio based solely on risk tolerance or age, as many well-known investment firms might.
  • Our objective is to provide a solution to help clients meet their goals and objectives, whether they be growth with dividend income, income with minimal risk, market returns with lower volatility, or to beat the market and take advantage of opportunities.
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  • We focus on an E3 philosophy for each investment portfolio. We strive for tax efficiency, cost efficiency and investment efficiency for our portfolios.
  • We emphasize on lower cost investment vehicles, such as ETFs, due to their low-cost structure. Our average portfolio is an approximate internal management fee of 0.26%, well below industry average. Most ETFs also provide our clients the tax efficiency that will help them keep more of what they earn. Some cases over 40% of realized gains can be lost to taxes for many investors. Investors have no control over mutual fund realized gains. We also strive to develop and produce value through a positive risk adjusted return for our client’s investment portfolios.
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  • We conduct extensive research with each mutual fund, exchange traded fund (ETF), and/or investment strategy before investing on behalf of our clients.
  • We evaluate the people, process, cost, trading, history, and management of all investment portfolios.
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  • All investment portfolios are assessed on a regular basis. Asset allocation, validity of holdings, and potential changes to the underlying strategy are evaluated.
  • Individual client portfolios are monitored for drift from their target asset allocation. All rebalances force a buy-low sell-high mentality. If asset classes produce high returns over time, the allocation will be rebalanced due to an over exposure. The result would force an allocation to underperforming asset classes to maintain a predetermined target allocation.

Meet the Chief Investment Officer:

Chief Investment Officer of PlanRock, Stephen Hammers, oversees the investment team which manages all investment model portfolios, research, rebalancing, asset allocation, and objectives of each model.
Mr. Hammers has over 27 years of consulting, financial advisory, investment modeling and portfolio research experience.
He is the creator and founder of the NASDAQ Victory Volatility Weighted Indexes, Compass EMP Mutual Funds and ETFs, (now VictoryShares ETFs); and is a former portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer and Chief Investment Strategist of 28 mutual funds and exchange traded funds.
Mr. Hammers has been a frequent contributor to the FOX Business Channel, CNBC Closing Bell Show, Wall Street Journal, Barons, and other investment media outlets. He has also rang the opening or closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ exchange seven times.