Conservative Fixed Income Focused Portfolio

Objective: Minimal growth of principle, fixed income with low volatility and lower correlation to the bond market.

Investor working on charts and typing on calculator

Investment Strategy

The portfolio is designed to invest in active mutual funds as well as traditional and enhanced indexed investment strategies through tax and cost-efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Each ETF and mutual fund is thoroughly evaluated for its fees, strategy, market segment, risk, and corporate sponsor. It is the objective of the portfolio to diversify among smart (strategic alpha producing) beta indexed based ETFs. The smart beta portfolios typically seek underlying securities that represent strong corporate fundamentals such as earnings and growth to name a few. Strategic alpha is designed to seek a better risk adjusted return compared to traditional cap weighted indexed strategies.

The objective of this portfolio is to include mutual funds and ETF portfolios with broad diversification across many different markets and sectors. The portfolio may not react or perform similar to the bond market over the short-term due the alpha seeking portfolios that are seeking a better risk adjusted return.

Designed for the following investors:

  • The need for income/cash flow
  • The need for minimal growth of principal with lower correlation to the bond market
  • The need for lower volatility to subsidize a growth/stock portfolio with higher risk

Available Variants:

  • Domestic or Global
  • Only offered as a conservative risk tolerance – This conservative fixed income portfolio is utilized to reduce volatility/risk for all PlanRock stock portfolios

Past performance does not guarantee future results. There is no guarantee the investment objective will be met. All investment strategies are designed but not guaranteed for the long-term.