Our Story

The foundation of PlanRock Wealth Management is simple. “What planning and investment solution would we utilize for ourselves and our own families?” This is the core of our story.

Family playing in field

Having been involved in the financial planning and investing business for 25 years, we decided to build a company that offers what we want for our own families. We have built a solid company that enables and catalyzes our clients to seamlessly work with their advisors and technology to meet their life goals, with a holistic view of their progress towards those goals at any time.

We believe it is always essential to have a core foundation, then create a solid plan that helps accomplish the financial goals most important to us. A comprehensive holistic financial plan, as well as a thoroughly research and time tested investment plan to consistently reference, is critical. This is the bedrock of our approach. At PlanRock, our client’s success is our success. We know if our clients are rooted in the solid rock of a comprehensive plan for their future and their finances, they are well on their way to meeting their life goals.

PlanRock is based upon the core values of:

  • Excellence: We endeavor to do everything according to the highest and best standard.
  • Integrity: We endeavor to honor God through hard work, honesty, diligence, and generosity.
  • Intentionality: We continually identify and strive to exceed the goals of our clients.
  • Innovation: We relentlessly stay ahead of the curve and constantly improve.
  • Efficiency: We utilize the latest research and technology for successful planning and investing – tax efficient, cost efficient, and investment efficient, (positive alpha, asymmetric risk/reward, etc.).

The simplicity of designing and implementing a rock-solid investment and financial plan unlocks the future that we and our clients desire. PlanRock will help you do that.