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PlanRock offers comprehensive financial planning tools to help reach your goals.

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Who has access?

All clients who utilize our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum services has access to our comprehensive financial planning tools.

Investors who wish to utilize the comprehensive financial planning tools without the service levels listed above may sign up for our annual financial planning tools service for only $99 per quarter. Fill out the brief form at the bottom of this page to sign up.

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A description of our comprehensive financial planning tools are listed below:

Account aggregation helps you keep track of all of your investments accounts, savings accounts, children’s accounts, checking, 401k, credit card, loans and many more. A simple download link will bring organization and consolidation to you in a consolidated form.

By aggregating all of your savings, retirement and investment accounts you will be able to view all of your holdings, gain and loss, as well as asset allocation in attempt to make better decisions and track your risk profile.

You have the ability to evaluate your performance of all your accounts any way you chose. You may also choose over 1,000 appropriate market indexes for comparison. Or you may compare your accounts to your predetermined goals.

The planning tools of PlanRock can manage all of your assets and liabilities under one umbrella and keep them up to date pending market conditions, deposits and withdrawals or even debt pay downs.

The tools also have the ability to report and maintain your estate, which can include potential tax liability and potential insurance outcomes.

The comprehensive planning tools have the ability to help you manage your liabilities. These liabilities can include, but are not limited to mortgages, credit cards, automobile loans and personal loans. The planning tools can also help you design a customized debt payoff based on your inputs and specific objectives.

The comprehensive planning tools can be very robust with your most important goals, such as retirement. The tools will help you layout a budget for your future retirement planning income needs. Whether your in retirement or saving for retirement, the PlanRock tools can help you determine the appropriate amount to save, based on your current savings, investments and pension plan. The the tools will even help you calculate your social security check you might receive. The tools can also help you determine your probability of success toward reaching your goals based on multiple scenarios of market conditions.

PlanRock offers comprehensive financial planning tools to help you reach any financial goal you may have. You will have the ability design your own customized goals, and utilize the enhanced tools to help meet those goals through a series of self help customized task.

These task may include a require savings amount and a require return expectation to name a few. You also have the ability to utilize the tax planning tolls as it relates to your retirement savings and investments, You will have the ability to customize any specific goal, such as college, wedding, home down-payment and many more.

Purchase – Financial Planning Tools for $99 per Quarter

Your credit card will be charged $99 per quarter through our secure and encrypted billing servers. If you wish to terminate your financial planning tools service at anytime, please email Give your full name and the date you wish to terminate.