Women Getting Bigger Pay Raises Than Men – Labor Market Update

The pandemic derailed many working families, keeping family members home with children as schools and daycares were shuttered. Many mothers stayed home to care for children and other family members, with many even leaving their jobs. As the pandemic has subsided, for now, many are returning to work. Data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve found that women have been seeing higher wage increases than men over the past few months.

Wages for females were up 4.4% from a year earlier versus a 4.1% increase for men during the same period. The February data marks six consecutive months that female wages have outpaced male wages, a dramatic deviation from traditional trends. The data also found that women switching jobs are also seeing larger pay increases than men switching jobs. Women are also more likely to work part-time than men are, thus having more flexibility in planning for family and personal time.

Sources: Dept. of Labor, Atlanta Federal Reserve

Print Version: Bigger Pay Raises for Women April 2022

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