Stress Induced By The Pandemic Creates Health Concerns

Nearly a year and a half since the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, millions of Americans are experiencing ongoing health effects as a result of stay home restrictions, lack of social interaction, and deteriorated eating habits.

The American Psychological Association released a report detailing some of the ill health effects brought about by the pandemic. Prolonged stress experienced by adults has led to mental and physical impairments including weight changes, disrupted sleep patterns, and increased alcohol use.

Weight change is common among those coping with mental health challenges. Over 60% of surveyed adults experienced undesired weight changes, either an increase or decrease.

Many people also postponed or canceled health care services including doctor visits and regular health screenings. Nearly half of those surveyed said their level of stress increased since before the pandemic.

Essential workers were more prone to stress than those who were able to work from home. More than half of the essential workers surveyed said they relied on unhealthy habits to get through the strains of the pandemic.

The report also found that roughly half of those surveyed are hesitant about the future regardless if they’re vaccinated or not.

Source: American Psychological Association; Stress In America-One Year Later

Print Version: Pandemic Stress Aug 2021

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